Boom in Colombia for consumer credits

In Revillatora Ferlindas Loan you can have the consumer credit you need, in no time! The 21st century has been characterized by constant changes worldwide. One of the most important transformations has been in the economic field, since due to the different recessions that have occurred throughout this era, people have had to rethink their financial intelligence, and the way they spend and They invest the money.

That is why in recent years, different types of loans have been of great importance in people’s lives, since these have been a useful tool in times of crisis, in some unforeseen or emergencies that arise from one moment to another. .

Currently, people prefer to apply for consumer loans

Currently, people prefer to apply for consumer loans

Not only for these specific moments, but also, they are used for those who want to start a small business, but do not have the money to do so.

That is why, every time the number of Colombians who prefer to acquire consumer loans to invest in their needs and meet their expenses grows. For this reason, in the last 4 years, the demand for them has grown considerably since the benefits they offer are diverse.

According to annual reports by the Asobancaria, about 4.9 million citizens had requested one of these services to meet some need or demand. Consumer loans are characterized in that they are granted to natural persons, so that they finance the purchase of consumer goods, or for the payment of services that do not have commercial or business purposes (this is independent of the sum of money requested).

Therefore, during this time, its increase was 13% throughout the country. This progress was due to the development and growth of commercial dynamics, as well as the increase in consumption; thus enabling Colombians to have greater purchasing power, in terms of financial issues.

For this reason, it is important and essential that people who are thinking of requesting a loan from them, are clear about what they are going to invest, and how long they are going to pay. This with the reason that there is no setback or inconvenience; And of course, do not negatively affect your economy by improper money management.

On the other hand, the facility to open savings accounts and have them in a short time, have allowed people to easily access the various loans and credits that different entities offer.

In addition, there are multiple benefits offered by these personal loans (they are also known as well), since the person who acquires one of these, can buy products and services, without having to pay it right there, since the entities offer a term to do what. Therefore, people who are interested in acquiring one of these credits should take into account the following tips:

Check your payment account

money credit

And consider the ability you have for the same. This will help you to optimally manage the money you receive from the credit and / or loan without acquiring hard-to-pay debts.

Acquire all the information about the entity to which you will request the money. Take into account the interest rates it handles, as well as the terms it provides to pay the credit.

Do not get several credits at the same time

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Since this will prevent you from properly managing the money, and possibly acquire more debts that will not be possible to pay.

Plan the money before, during and after acquiring the credit. This will be a useful tool for you to have financial intelligence, and an optimal economic life, thus avoiding headaches from poor money management.

Do not acquire debts when you have applied for the loan. Usually, people get debts when they have the money from a previously requested credit; This being a great impediment for them to save and manage money successfully.

In Revillatora Ferlindas Loan, you will find the consumer credits you need, whether to start a new project, or as mentioned before, to pay for any unforeseen event such as a public service bill, pay your children’s tuition, buy school supplies , or some college book that they ask for at the last minute.

We are known for being a company that offers a 100% service, which is why people can acquire their personal loans, without having to go to a bank, financial institution, or another place to request their credit. Therefore, from the comfort and tranquility of your home you can do it, in a short time, since you only need to fill out the form present on the website, in order to request the credit. Our platform with Zinobe technology, not only allows you to fill out the form, but also has a calculator for the person to make a balance and budget of the money they receive to invest it correctly without wasting it.

We offer amounts from 100 thousand pesos, up to 600 thousand, to get out of that trouble, without the need for unnecessary diligence and headaches for any problem or inconvenience that may arise when requesting it. Consult our Revillatora Ferlindas Loan website, to learn more about the consumer loans we provide, their interest rates, as well as the term we offer to pay them.