Mini loans up to 500 Euro

Repayable within a period of 15 or 30 days. This period depends on the sum of money borrowed.

Whether you are eligible for a Viloan mini loan and what the sum of money you can borrow depends on your creditworthiness. This creditworthiness is calculated based on your repayment history (if you are an existing client) and the personal data that you have provided Viloan, including your postal code and your birth date.

As a new client you can request an amount of at most 200 Euro for your first Viloan mini loan. It may be that Viloan proposes a lower sum of money after a credit assessment. You will always be informed of this via a text message.

You know in advance what you pay for your mini loan, so there are no hidden costs.

You know in advance what you pay for your mini loan, so there are no hidden costs.

This type of mini-loan, also called a flash loan or an SMS mini-loan, can be easy when suddenly you are confronted with unexpected expenses or because of a temporary gap in your budget to bridge a few days or weeks. Or simply because you don’t want to miss that one sales bargain or party!

A mini loan can serve as an advance on your next wage, so you don’t have to stop your life while counting down to the day your wage is deducted.

You sometimes hear or read that a mini loan has a much higher annual cost percentage than what you see elsewhere. Don’t let this confuse you or frighten you. Since the mini-loan is only a short-term seminar of 30 days at most, the annual percentage rate of charge is not the best rule to use. The total costs of your mini loan are announced in advance, so you know exactly in advance what you need to pay back.

In order to limit Viloan’s risk, they ask Viloan to provide a guarantee. You can designate someone in your area who will guarantee your repayment, or you can purchase a guarantee certificate from their partner, Global Guarantee.

If you choose a guarantor yourself, this will not cost you anything extra. In addition to the personal details, this person must also provide Viloan with the following documents: a copy of his / her identity card, the most recent pay slip and a document signed by hand. Viloan will send you this document after they have checked the data with you and with your guarantor. Please note: you cannot register yourself as a guarantor for your own mini loan.

If you opt for a Global Guarantee guarantee, there are costs involved. To make it easier for you, you only get one invoice! Viloan Belgium has an agreement with Global Guarantee, which allows Viloan to invoice these costs on their behalf.

Your due date has passed, but you need a few days’ delay? That can always happen. We offer you the possibility to extend your due date by 15 days!

How does it work?

How does it work?

In the event of late payment, an additional cost will be charged in accordance with Article 8.2 of our general terms and conditions. For your first reminder, this is 10% of the sum of money owed (with a minimum of 10 Euros). We will inform you of this via a text message and e-mail. If you immediately pay the cost for late payment at that time, we automatically postpone your due date by 15 days. You will receive a text message with your new due date once we have received this payment. This gives you a little more breathing space and time to find a solution
You pay the rest of the money sum at the latest on your new due date

Pay attention:

Pay attention:

The payment of the cost for late payment must be in the account at the latest 10 days after your original due date. A payment that reaches Viloan later will be deducted from your outstanding balance. However, your due date is not delayed
You can use this service twice per mini loan here, after which you pay back the full sum of money
Late payment can have an impact on your future Viloan mini loans. This does not apply if you choose to postpone your due date. Provided that you repay before your new due date, of course. This service can exceptionally offer you a solution. However, we recommend that you carefully consider the amount of money and the period before you apply for a mini loan! By paying back in time you avoid extra costs

At Viloan Belgium, they argue for responsible borrowing. That is why, for example, they do not offer a 24-hour service; they want your application to be a well-considered decision. You can also have only one mini-loan per family; in this way they do not want to overburden the family budget.

Does a mini loan fit in with your budget? Can you repay the mini-loan at the end of the term? If so, is there enough money left over for other important things? Make an overview of your income and expenses for yourself, and if you see that you can make ends meet including the repayment of your mini loan, no problem will arise.